Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTE 45/50mm Cobra Suspension Lowering Springs

Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTE 45/50mm Cobra Suspension Lowering Springs

The Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE was a very popular car when new because of the very attractive tax benefits when driven as a company car. A few years later, this specific car is now a very popular car among car enthusiasts. Cobra Suspension now offers a 45/50mm Lowering Springs for those who want minimise the wheel gap. There is also a 30/35mm for those who want the Golf 7 GTE mimic the R-Line look. The 45/50mm Lowering Kit is available from stock and can be purchased through our webshop. Check out the amazing stance on the photos below! 

The original ride height is almost like a monster truck. It means that the Golf GTE is a lovely car to lower for a better look. Check out our webshop for the 30/35mm Cobra Suspension Lowering Springs or the 45/50mm Cobra Suspension Lowering Springs. To finish the perfect stance, you can also fit a kit of wheel spacers onto the car for an even better look! 

Our shop is specialised in Wheels, Tires and Suspension, including installing Lowering Springs and Coilovers. We can support the whole process including alignment by one of our specialist. We are happy to advise in which kit you need for your car and answer any questions regarding your vehicle.

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