About Us

About PSR Parts

PSR Parts has been founded in 2022 and since then has grown steadily to become one of the premium aftermarket automotive performance parts suppliers in the market. We are your premier destination for top-quality aftermarket automotive performance parts. Founded by a team of engineers and visionary designers, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the automotive industry through innovation, service, quality, and customer satisfaction.

At PSR Parts, we pride ourselves on being your ultimate source for performance tuning and styling. Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by a highly skilled engineering team with a diverse background in the automotive industry. 


Engineering Team Expertise

Our engineering team is the driving force behind PSR Parts, boasting a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our team have worked in various capacities within the automotive industry, gaining invaluable insights into vehicle design, manufacturing, and performance optimization. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for aesthetics, our design team ensures that our products not only excel in performance but also meet high standards of visual appeal and functionality.

With our technical knowledge, we can support and advice our customers correctly so our customers can use this knowledge to decide which parts suits them the best. With our passion for cars, we strive to learn every day so you will benefit from our knowledge and experience in this industry.


Customer Service Is Priority Number One

If you ask us a question in regard to one of our products or services, the answer is always customer service driven. We aim for the highest customer satisfaction with the best support before and after sales. Our team's priority is to advise our customers into the right directions when they request aftermarket parts from our shop, sales comes second. Our target is to help our customers making the right decision, not to push our customer's into a sale they weren't after. This is hugely important to us and this is what differs PSR Parts from the rest of the market. In the end, our goal is to have a happy customer, who fully stands behind their purchasing decision.


True Car Enthusiasts

PSR Parts is more than just a parts provider; we are a team of passionate engineers and designers committed to elevating your automotive experience. Our founders' diverse backgrounds and shared dedication to automotive excellence ensure that you receive the best solutions available. Choose PSR Parts for innovative, high-quality automotive components, and enjoy a customer experience like no other. Your satisfaction and vehicle's performance are our top priorities.