PSR Parts - External ECU Remap Tuning - BMW G87 M2


PSR Parts - External ECU Remap Tuning - BMW G87 M2

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PSR Parts - External ECU Remap Tuning - BMW G87 M2 - 620HP / 760NM

The PSR Parts External ECU provides the solution for cars to remap the ECU without remapping the original software on the original ECU. The PSR Parts External ECU remaps the car for more power, optimised specifically for every single engine that we provide products for. We are specialised in BMW, Audi and Volkswagen External ECU Remaps

The difference between our External ECU and a PowerBox?
The PSR Parts External ECU Remap Tuning solution is not your everyday power box, but a more advanced ECU, similar to the solutions of the large in-house tuning-brands for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche. This means that the ECU is not just simply a regular power box, taking data from just one or two sensors, but a computer that uses multiple sensors to calculate the best power and torque output for any given throttle input.

The Powerbox lacks the ability to detect turbo pressure, raising questions about its capacity to gauge the sufficiency of compressed air for injecting additional fuel. Due to its inability to receive engine speed or acceleration data, a tuning box tends to inject excessive fuel imprecisely. A digital chip, which solely regulates fuel pressure without addressing turbo pressure, it falls short of being optimal. Consequently, excessive soot buildup occurs, albeit hidden by the particulate filter in the exhaust. Unfortunately, issues with a Powerbox often emerge only after prolonged use. Notably, with newer engines equipped with OPF filters, Powerboxes frequently exhibit poor compatibility. As specialists in chip tuning, we strongly advocate for advanced external ECU tuning as a superior alternative, delivering optimal performance and results.

How does the advanced External ECU work?

Engine RPM Speed
The external ECU from PSR Parts is an advanced computer. This receives the engine speed via the camshaft signal or directly via the CANBUS (the canbus contains all information about the car engine). This means that the External ECU is able to use accurate data to provide the best output.

Torque Calculation
The external ECU can calculate the torque (traction force) and measures the acceleration rate of your engine. When using the CANBUS signal, we can immediately read the load of the motor.

Extend injection duration
The fuel injection duration is extended indirectly via the map sensor. The engine injectors thus inject fuel for longer.

Turbo Boost Moment
The starting moment of spinning up the turbo is adjusted, this way the engine immediately gets more pulling power from below. This can give the car a very different character compared to the original software.

Regulating the boost pressure
The level of the boost pressure is adjusted. This results in more pulling power, which is available over a wider speed range and more power. The higher boost pressure gives the car most power.

Max Turbo pressure monitoring
The turbo pressure monitoring remains intact and the maximum allowed turbo pressure that has been set in the software is not exceeded.

Load-dependent adjustment
When you move the accelerator pedal, the fuel quantity is dynamically adjusted depending on your needs so the power is much more usable. This gives the car a much more usable character when driving normally, but a much more aggressive setting when you ask for full load.

Fuel economy
Our professional remap tuning ensures that the fuel pressure is increased at low speeds. This means that the fuel is injected in a finer mist, provided there is sufficient turbo pressure available. Because we inject the fuel in a finer mist, you can achieve the same horsepower with less fuel. This way you can easily save fuel. Or inject more fuel if you want extra power.

- The installation of the External ECU is fully reversible in a short amount of time
- The ECU is a physical product, installed in your engine compartment, which means that the remap on the external ECU won’t disappear after a software update from the manufacturer.
- Safe power optimisation without exceeding the limits of the engine
- Better fuel efficiency

We recommend to let a specialist install the ECU for you if you are unsure about the installation of this product.

Please open the hood and let the car rest for 10 minutes before unplugging the sensors to prevent the car from throwing errors. If errors occur, make sure you have OBD tools to clear the errors after the installation.

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