Tuga Chemie - Aluteufel Wheel Cleaner - Green 1000ml
Tuga Chemie - Aluteufel Wheel Cleaner - Green 1000ml
Tuga Chemie - Aluteufel Wheel Cleaner - Green 1000ml
Tuga Chemie


Tuga Chemie - Aluteufel Wheel Cleaner - Green 1000ml

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Alu-Teufel Spezial Rims Cleaner - Green - 1000ml - Test winner!

Alu-Teufel Spezial®, the special cleaner for new or high gloss rims which are chrome plated, polished or anodised!

Alu-Teufel cleans all aluminium rims without any problems. A molecular protective layer is formed on the rim, which prevents the accumulation of strong dirt if used regularly.

Alu-Teufel also protects wheel rims, hard chrome bumpers and trims against rust. In doing so, this cleaner is so mild that it does not attack lacquer, plastic or rubber. It cleans up medium to heavy soiling with ease. Even brake dust that has not been done for years disappears like snow in the sun!

Furthermore, this wheel cleaner removes even stubborn dirt without affecting the treated surfaces. Alu-Teufel does this by means of a protective effect on all types of metal. This product is biodegradable.

How to use:
Spray the product on the rim, let it soak in for 2 to 4 minutes and then spray it clean with a pressure washer. The product comes in a 1000ml spray bottle.

Our tip: Use Alu-Teufel with the weekly wash of your car to achieve the best results!



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